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    We would appreciate if you could help KDU Penang Library assess how well we currently meet your needs and in what areas we might be able to improve.

    We will remove individual identifiers before extracting the data for analysis. The results of this study will be reported in summary form only.

    The survey has multiple sections and should take about10 to 15 minutes to complete.

    Library Survey

    Thank you for your participation.

    The Librarian.

  • Dear Students,

    Kindly take note of the following,



    1)    RM250 per student given through Kad Siswa 1Malaysia (KAD S1M Debit) by Bank Rakyat.

    2)    Eligible for students pursuing A-Level, Diploma & Degree programmes who are ACTIVE as at 31 December 2016. Kindly check your eligibility with your school department.

    3)    Students must have an account with Bank Rakyat. Students are required to register online for account opening and debit card collection at www.bankrakyat.com.my/bppt/

    4)    Students who already have an account with Bank Rakyat must also open a new account for BPPT.

    5)    The due date for online registration is on 31 March 2017. Students are responsible to do the registration with Bank Rakyat on your own. No registration will be entertain after 31 March 2017.

    *Note: Please key in the University Name as KDU PENANG UNIVERSITY COLLEGE

    6)    KAD S1M Debit can be used as 3 in 1: debit card, ATM card & discount card. It has annual fee of RM5 and must be maintained with minimum account balance of RM10. Validity of the card is 3 years (to be renewed if necessary)

    7)    The amount in Debit Card has no expiry date and should be treat as cash. It should be used to buy books, stationery, computer hardware and internet access. 

    8)    Please bring your original MyKad & KDU Student Card with 1 photocopy of each document during Debit Card collection at your preferred Bank Rakyat branch.


    Dear all,

    In order to further improve the student login experience in all our systems (Moodle/WiFi/Printing/Computer Lab), we are in the process of centralizing the student login account.

    For the moment, we would like to inform you that the password for this 2 system (Moodle & wifi) has been reset to its default (please see the message on how to login into Moodle). We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

    Information Management Centre (IMC) Department
    16 Feb 2017

  • To students who will undergo internship placement,

    In order to retrieve the internship documents below, kindly go to Home - My Courses - select Placement.

    1. cover letter & resume template
    2. internship application form
    3. internship placement policy and procedures handbook
    4. employers contact information

    All internship vacancies, events, seminars and announcement will be posted at Career & Placement Centre facebook.

    Please join the group ->  https://www.facebook.com/groups/kducpc/

    Thank you.

  • Student Self Service Website


    User Login : 7 digits Student ID

    Default Password : 'KDU' + Last 4 digits of IC/Passport  + '@'

  • Internet Lab, Student WIFI



    User Login: 5 or 7 digits student ID

    Default Password: Last 5 characters of full name + ‘@’ +  Last 4 digits of IC / Passport

    e.g Abcde@1234

    Note : For eixsting student please use 5 digits student number 

  • Campus Email


    Student Login: 5 or 7 digits student ID@student.kdupg.edu.my

    First Time Password: Last 5 characters of full name + ‘@’ +  Last 4 digits of IC / passport

    e.g Abcde@1234

    Note :Campus Email Login Access ===  iLab Login Access

  • Penang Future Foundation Scholarship Programme

    Please visit the main website: www.penangfuturefoundation.my for the details.

    All eligible Malaysians below the age of 25 pursuing their first undergraduate degree studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Accountancy may apply (subject to other T&C clearly spelled out on the website). 

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